Cognitive Skills Training For Children

The Brainbay Eduspark has joined with Energia SOI and is currently offering Structure Of Intellect (SOI), a system of assessments and materials that develop Intellectual Abilities.

If a student is having difficulty in learning, the cause could be a lack of learning intellectual abilities.

The SOI process is simple as below

  • Assessment: The SOI test will identify the students learning abilities. Tests are appropriate for ages five through adult.
  • Diagnosis: An analysis is generated based on the student test scores, on the following areas like Cognition, Evaluation, Memory, Creativity and Problem – Solving.
  • Treatment: Personalized training materials in the form of paper-pencil and/or computer are available based on the student’s test results.

The tests will be conducted from KG to young adults.

1. PLA Assessments: Primary Learning Abilities (PLA).

The profile gives 14 Learning Abilities on the PLA assessment. The different tests can be grouped to give an indication of a student's ability to handle different types of learning content - Figural, Symbolic, or Semantic. The program is designed to build the cognitive and perceptual strengths that empower the young student to transition from concrete stage to symbolic comprehension required in elementary school. Its framework is on student following abilities.

  • Learning Style
  • Academic (School) Learning
  • Application Abilities
  • Reading Abilities
  • Arithmetic / Mathematic Abilities
  • To identify which area stops them from recalling a particular information. Thus the profile will give you:

    • COGNITION - Comprehend and Classification, Abstract Thinking
    • EVALUATION -Learning Style to Evaluate, Discrimination and Decision
    • MEMORY -Concentration and Focus. Recall and Performance
    • PROBLEM SOLVING -Co-ordination and Attention to detail, Ability to come up varied solutions
    • 2. ALA Assessment: Advanced Learning Abilities

      The profile gives 30 Learning Abilities on the ALA assessment: The different tests can be grouped to give an indication of a student's ability to handle different types of learning content - -Figural, Symbolic, or Semantic. It is designed to build the preparatory skills to face challenges. The ALA test continues to prepare for the academic curriculum by identifying weak areas and creating individualized programs. Its framework is on student's following abilities:

      All theses parameters are very important as 21st century academics demand more and somewhere students also need the extra skills to support their academic curriculum. This programme supports training materials that develop intellectual abilities. We equip students with the necessary intellectual skills to learn subject matter, do analytical thinking, become more creative, and learning how to learn. SOI tests offer an alternative source of diagnostic information, and SOI training modules offer an effective alternative by teaching learning abilities. SOI tests are available for ages ranging from four years old to adult.

      3. ALA C Assessment : Advanced Learning Abilities – Career

      The Profile gives 30 Learning abilities on ALA assessment with Career skills: The profile maps the different kinds of intellect abilities with the career set skills and future job orientations. The program is designed to build 21st century essential skills, the readiness to face the competition by the ability to solve problems and take right decisions. This program supports a student’s foundation for success in core areas of their Career and help in Employment Readiness. Its framework is on a student's following abilities:

      • Comprehension and Memory
      • Creative Problem Solving
      • Analytical Abilities
      • Critical Thinking
      • Occupational Mapping Skill Set
      • Having just a good degree is not likely to get you graduate employment in today's highly competitive job market. Hence this profile mapping of an individual is at 3 levels:

        • Individuals Abilities: The abilities to do something well (coming from a mixture of knowledge, practice and aptitude.
        • Occupational Skill: A quality or characteristic of an individual aptitude and job requirements need to match.
        • Career Interest: Your tendency and usual manner or approach towards something particularly "of the mind" (aptitude)

        • The SOI Career Assessment is intended to guide individuals with their career explorations by assessing their general strengths and weaknesses related to those aptitude requirement for a wide variety of occupations. It builds and guides individuals on skills acquisition readiness. Understanding your strength and identifying opportunities to develop your potential will help you find the right fit in terms of chosen career and your role in society whether it be in industry, the art or business.

Cognition Memory Evaluation Convergent Divergent
Basic Reading Visual / Auditory Visual Problem Solving Creativity
Basic Science Concepts Discrimination Figural Draw Association
Maths / Goegraphy Verbal Sequencing Attributes & Concepts Reproduction Logic of Sequencing
Number Relations Maths & Science Perspectives Application of Knowledge Associative Learning
Word Processing Mechanical Discrimination Learning Maths Critical Thinking
Concept Figural Transfer of Learning 3D Visual Drawing Inferences
Recognition Geometry Decision Making Thinking
Logic & arts Social Science Learning to Eliminate Analogical
Recognition Performing- Concepts Reasoning Geography

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