Personality Development - Body Language Class(Program) Overview:

Personality is one’s unique behaviour emerged as a result of their interaction with the environment.

Every Parents dream is to make their children smarter. They also dream that their children should become an engineer, doctor, IAS officer, so on. Be it any field, the way you carry yourself in the society determines the amount of respect you get.

Childhood is the right time to mould the qualities and polish them to face the competition ahead.

The Brainbay believes that individualistic approach helps every child to be sufficiently competent to face the world. It concentrates on physical, mental and intellectual self of a child. A person looks pleasing when he/she uses his/her gestures in a right manner. So body language plays a crucial role during a conversation or a speech.

Can your child have the confidence to stand in front of a big crowd and give a spontaneous speech? Does he have a right expression and gestures?

Brain Development is incomplete without a smart personality as it can only showcase the true colors of a smart brain. Many times on seeing a child we say that he is very intelligent. This child might not be intelligent but because he is well-groomed and talks smart he gives you an impression that he is intelligent. So here at Brainbay we make your child both smart and intelligent.

Soft Skills

The way a person presents himself, the way he/ she stands, walks and talks, the way they dress, their manners, poise and presentation are characteristics that define the quality of education one possess. Sadly and surprisingly these do not even form part of our huge curriculum. Students are expected to learn these on their own, by seeing their parents, relatives and friends. This is the reason why we have a few very polished students and a majority of students lacking basic Soft Skills and Life Skills. The Brainbay EduSpark, with many years of experience with students is here to assist you in churning out polished students. Std 4 and above can benefit from this course.

Creative thinking

In a fiercely competitive world, out of box thinking is the key to success. Among many things the program will inspire students to think differently and explore the unknown. Innovation is the buzz word that resonates during the course of the program. As such the students will be encouraged to challenge existing ways of doing things by changing the status quo. Our program will help them to develop the courage to think out of the box and to instill in them a belief that they too have an Edison of Newton within them. This is the focus of the program called creative thinking.

Program Benefits

  • Right Body language.
  • Presentation Skills
  • Gestures.
  • Problem Solving Skills.
  • Developing a positive Mental Attitude
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management

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