Skill Development Workshops

We at The Brainbay Eduspark conduct Workshops on various skill development courses. The workshop would be 1 or 2 days which involves more hands-on learning on new topics for the students. These Workshops will have interactive sessions which will help the students get practical experience on the topics and will improve their presentation skills.

The Brainbay Eduspark provides various knowledge imparting courses at these Workshops like Vedic Math, Memory skills, Personality Development, Handwriting etc.

Participating in various workshops enhances the basic skill set of the students such as listening, learning and communicating. It provides a platform to sharpen their inner talents and to showcase their potential. It also helps them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and rectify it themselves for their brighter future.

Who can participate?

School Students, College Students and School Teachers can benefit from our workshops.

Where do these Workshops take place?

These workshops can be organized within your School or College Premises.

Schools and Colleges can approach the Brainbay Eduspark for such workshops.

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