What is Abacus?

Abacus is the method of solving mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with a help of an Abacus instrument.

An Abacus instrument will have beads and the bead values will be taught to the students to solve mathematical problems. Initially students will learn to do calculations with the help of Abacus frame and later without the help of the instrument.

Students will visualise the abacus frame in their mind and do the calculation mentally by moving the beads in their mind.

In this section of our program we have a module that makes your brain work as fast as a computer. To activate the brain all senses are to be activated. Do you know anything that activates all your senses at a single go.

How Abacus helps students?

✔ As read earlier the Students will visualise the abacus in mind for doing calculation.

✔ Indirectly help them to improve their concentration and imagination

✔ Enhances the creativity of the child and also removes the maths fears

Who can join Abacus program?

✔ All Students from class lkg to class 5 can join this abacus program

Benefits of Abacus program

✔ Multitasking : can study two subjects at the same time

✔ Concentration : when three people are talking at the same time he/she will be able to grasp anything they speak

✔ Imagination: when ideas are solicited he/she will be the first one to come out

✔ Gain More Memory Power

✔ Improves mind and body coordination

✔ Removes maths fear

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