Write Well / Handwriting program - A Beautiful Penmanship Program

Many parents are keen to encourage their children to develop neat and legible handwriting. We aim for each child to develop their own legible cursive style (joined handwriting). Inevitably some will be neater than others, but each child can acquire a consistent and fluent style.

The program discusses and explores the foundations for neat and legible handwriting, leading to a better understanding of handwriting difficulties. This program includes practice sheets for cursive writing and printing, and helps kids improve speed, legibility, and helps them develop their handwriting skills.

Handwriting is a very important part of a child's persona it is an area that defines him.

Many a time the difference between a topper and the second best is their handwriting.

A good handwriting is always appreciated and thus a student with a good hand also gains lots of confidence.

Write-Well a beautiful Program on penmanship and it helps a child in improving his / her handwriting. This is not a crash course on handwriting, it is a complete program and students from Std. UKG to 12 can take part in this program.

Who can join this program?

Students from Class 1 to Class 12 can join this program

Duration of the Program

The Handwriting program is for six months

Program Features

  • Workbooks for handwriting practice, cursive writing practice, etc.
  • Step-by-step instructions for improving the handwriting of each student.
  • Writing speed will increase.

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