Our Programs

The Brainbay Edu Spark is a comprehensive after school program(classes) for children of age 3.5 to 14 years where the focus is mainly on Phonics, Vedic Maths, Abacus, Cursive Handwriting, Math A Magic.

Brainbay programs are profound experiences and an opportunity to understand development through intense course content. The structured program encourages participants to leave their comfort zones, experience unique concepts, test their own potential to affect change, explore their limit, and understand what it means to lead by gaining indispensible knowledge.


Abacus Classes

The Brainbay Abacus Program is a scientifically structured programme to sharpen a young brain to perform complex calculations speeds.

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Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths is like a magic of solving Complex mathematical problems in just seconds. By just seeing the sum we can solve it, in our mind.

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Math A Magic

Math – A Magic is a method of doing arithmetic calculations like addition and subtraction with the help of fingers. It is also called finger calculation..

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Phonics Classes

Phonics helps students to write the words by hearing the sounds. This program is for students from Lkg to Class 2. Any class student with difficulty in reading and writing can also join this program.

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Spoken English Classes

Spoken English is especially designed for children of Std. Lkg - 12. The Brainbay Edu-Spark not only teaches your student to converse with poise in English but also makes them a good conversationalist..

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Cursive Handwriting

Write-Well is a handwriting program dealing with script and cursive writing and it helps a child in improving his / her handwriting. We aim for each child to develop their own legible cursive style (joined handwriting).

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