Memory Skills Development Classes (Program) Overview:

No one has a bad memory or good memory. It all depends on how we train our mind. We teach techniques which help a child to remember, retain and recall, short term memory, long term memory, photographic memory, Memory games, mental gymnast and so on.

Memory is related to your brain. It is one of the brain functions. Some people are good at memory and some people are not.

Memory is dependant of three things

  • Remember
  • Retain
  • Recall

  • How to remember?

    Students are taught how to remember things which are essential. Memory is related to visualization and imagination. The Brainbay EduSpark teaches students how to remember a long list of words, numbers & paragraphs. It involves of memory games and activities.

    How to retain?

    It is not enough if a student remembers; we also teach how to retain it, we train students to have a long term memory. The students will learn how to retain in mind for a long term through certain specific techniques.

    How to recall?

    When a student remembers and retains, he/she should also know how to recall the information stored in memory without any difficulty. By learning this memory program, the students memory increases and it will reflect in academics by scoring marks.

    Program Benefits

  • Stimulates long term & short term memory.
  • Help to score good marks in academics.
  • Activates the brain.

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