Spoken English Classes Overview

In spite of studying in an English Medium school most students fail to speak in fluent and smooth English. The reason is that we learned our mother-tongue by listening and speaking, but we are taught English language through writing. Therefore we at The Brainbay EduSpark use a combination of listening, hearing, reading and writing. We also train them in comprehension, vocabulary, collocations, preparing conversation and dialogue writing skills and simultaneously improve their writing as well as reading skills.

With plenty of positive encouragement, a student's short-coming in academics can be overshadowed by his excellence in personality and communication. Only academic excellence isn't enough, just imagine somebody telling you- "Your kid is .well .smarter than most kids around".

English is the language of International communication. It plays a major role in business, communication, Education & entertainment etc.

The Brainbay EduSpark not only teaches your student to converse with poise in English but also makes them a good conversationalist.

Students from Upper KG to 9 can take up this program. Spoken English is especially designed each class student. The program will give them a competitive edge over others. It will also help them take a step ahead to success.

Program Benefits

  • Improves communication skills
  • Speech presentation
  • Improves verbal as well as non verbal communication
  • Can be able to speak on any topic instantly

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