Math A Magic Program Overview

Math – A Magic is a method of doing arithmetic calculations like addition and subtraction with the help of fingers. It is also called finger calculation.

Normally a child can calculate only 10 numbers using both the hands. This Math – A magic course helps a student to calculate numbers from 0 to 99 using 10 fingers. A student can easily do addition and subtraction from 0 to 99 within seconds. Math – A magic is a course designed for students from Lkg to Class 1. It is a must learn and an interesting concept for the students. Student enjoys doing it. It improves the concentration level of children and enhances mind and body co-ordination as the students uses both the hands to do calculations.

Many students find it difficult to do finger counting in a normal method and tend to do lot of errors. Math – A Magic course helps a child to understand the concept of addition and subtraction in a more simpler way. Students will be able to do addition and subtraction much faster and do calculations in a more effective manner.

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