Smart Student Program

The Brainbay's Smart Student Program is a versatile offering to meet the ever increasing challenges of school students.

These courses increases performance enhances productivity and brings out the best from the student but most importantly triggers the growth of each individual. The various modules in each course have been refined to achieve maximum results.

The Brainbay's Smart Student Program has something in it for every stakeholder

Students: As an integrated program incorporating many significant courses the SSP fills all gaps in student learning thus making it a vital part of the academic life of a student.

Teachers: Our Programs focuses on all areas of development and works on all segment of a school - from the pre primary to primary, primary to middle and from middle to secondary levels.

Management: At the management level, The Brainbay's SSP provides a one stop service for its entire extracurricular program requirement. We work as gap fillers, tying up all loose ends, polishing the students and making them smart in the true sense.

Parent: For a parent it's increased pride in seeing their wards performing beyond their perceived potential.

Note: If you are any one of the above stakeholders reading this currently and share the same vision as we do and want such a thing to happen to your school than call us at +9199410 76103 or write to us at

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